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?HBIS & Siemens Signing Additive Manufacturing Strategic Cooperation Agreement And Launching Projects

March 8, HBIS and Siemens signed their Additive Manufacturing(MA)Strategic Cooperation Agreement and launched projects in HBIS headquarter. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, Siemens(China) Executive Vice President and Siemens(China) Digital Industry Group President Wang Haibin witnessed the signature of The Agreement, Strategic Consultation Contract and started the cooperation in AM and the exploration of AM material production and AI development of Chinese steel industry. In the future, HBIS and Siemens will work closely in Chinese market and jointly build an AM material Laboratory and make it one of world’s leading AM material manufacturers.

HBIS President and CCP Deputy Chairman Peng Zhaofeng, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Wang Xindong, Chief Accountant Liu Zhensuo, Vice President Liu Jian, Wang Yaobin, Siemens(China) Digital Factory Industrial Sales President An Xiaojie, General Drive Department President Frank Golueke, Chief Consultant He Yuankai, Siemens(China) Consulting Division President Wang Xinsheng attended the ceremony.

Yu Yong said that HBIS and Siemens had been working closely for a long time. Since the signature of Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement, the partnership had far exceeded the simple trading phase and entered a brand new stage of platform cooperation and Alliance Cooperation. The two parties have chosen to work together and the choices represent the strategic needs of both HBIS and Siemens.

Regarding to the future development of steel industry, Yu Yong gave his vision of the reform and upgrade of HBIS. In the future, the insight of HBIS will not be limited to a homogenization competition with its domestic counterparts. We will look at the future and upgrade our enterprise with a strategic view. The future of HBIS will rely on the continuous efforts in steel manufacturing with choices. HBIS will watching the leading front of the industry and focusing on new industries, including AM material, new energy by attracting world class capital and technologies. HBIS will tap into high end technologies, product, clients and leave the low level businesses. In future new strategic industries, specifically, in industrial service, HBIS will invest heavily in AM material production and new energy.

In AM industry, Yu Yong said AM would be a future oriented industry and revolutionize the traditional industry that turning people’s designs into realities. In AM, Siemens owns the world’s leading technologies and the capabilities of their industrial applications. Siemens is the unique enterprise that is able to provide AM technologies covering the whole industrial chain. HBIS will be consistent with Siemens steps and will lead the AM industry in Chinese market. Our goal is that HBIS will be the leading AM supplier in China. In the process, HBIS will deepen their cooperation and explore capital JV, industrial JV.

Mr. Wang Haibin addressed that since the signature of 2016 strategic cooperation agreement, the two management teams of the  enterprises had communicated very well. The two companies are jointly developing the world’s top showpiece Intelligent Steel Mill. With their hard work, the companies are making breakthrough in intelligent manufacturing and intelligent reform, world changing events in Chinese steel industry.   

Mr.Wang Haibin said AM will turn the traditional manufacturing upside down in the future. AM is shortening the R&D, manufacturing and market cycles and capable of designing and producing the products that the traditional technologies would never capable of. AM, which is able to meet diversified demands, owns unimaginable market potential. The agreement with HBIS today wetness an important steel of HBIS innovation. It is also a milestone in it strategic reform and a new starting point of the joint efforts of Siemens and HBIS. Siemens is willing to sit tight with HBIS and strengthen their cooperation and make more contribution in the AI development of Chinese steel industry.  

Additive Manufacturing, which is also called 3D printing, is one of 14 core strategic technologies of Siemens group. In the future, Siemens will carry out systematic investigations and feasibility studies and provide consultations to HBIS in its AM development, including strategic direction, marketing, competitive advantages and applications. The parties will explore opportunities in establishing a laboratory and give HBIS a leading edge in AM material production in Chinese steel industry.